3 Easy Ways to Replace Your Lock Tumblers

One of the best, most effective and easiest among-st locksmith solutions is a lock tumbler replacement; they keep the lock strong and prevent all other keys from opening it, without the hassle of replacing a whole lock. Tumblers are essentially made up of: key pins, springs (that puts pressure on the pins that helps a lock reset after opening and closing it), and driver pins that maneuver between the last two- these are not part of your standard key tumbler replacement however sometimes they also get a replacement to fit different pins shapes. As part of our range of security services, Quickly Locksmith also offers a variety of locksmith solutions, including lock tumbler replacements – and here’s our locksmith tips.

Key tumbler replacement AKA re-keying a lock:

Perhaps one of the most common among-st residential locksmith solutions would be to simply re-key a lock; just as the name entails, this means a certain lock would still remain effective & solid, just for a different key. Quickly Locksmith also offers business locksmith solutions in Miami, and we highly recommend lock tumbler replacement whenever you move into a new property, so now you know who exactly has the keys.  

Mater key tumbler replacement:

With master key tumbler replacement you’re adding wafers (which is an additional tumbler that fits between the pin and the driver) making a certain lock open in two different ways; the regular key is still valid, as it moves in one direction, and the new master key will add a new layer working to open the lock from another direction. 

Pro’s and Con’s?

happy you asked- the major problem with master keys is they make your lock more exposed to burglaries in means of picking a lock, and that’s why when using a master key system in areas where lock picking is more common we highly recommend an additional locksmith solution and or security services to accompany 360 POV (security cameras / gate locks / security system etc.). Most locksmith in Miami working with real estate managers and agents as well as businesses would recommended a master key due to its amazing comfort- no need to carry around different keys, you have access to all you properties in one key – the MASTER!      

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