Antique Lock Repair: How to make old locks new again

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Antique lock repair is a task that requires certain locksmiths skills, as you can probably guess antique locks are not your average ‘lock on the door’ and therefor, we’d like to offer a word of advice; As these locks are very strong and effective throughout time, most locksmiths in Miami would suggest you keep them in good shape and enjoy them for as long as they remain solid.

Exterior (appearance) Vs. Interior (functionality):

The common problem most locksmiths in Miami encounter when dealing with antique locks is their appearance; why is that even a problem you ask? Good one! Well, most locksmiths in Miami will tell you firsthand- when your home holds an impressing exterior along side a shaky looking lock, burglars take notice, in fact, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

You don’t need to look for a locksmith Downtown Miami just yet! If all is well as far as the lock functionality, you can really handle the exterior section all by yourself. It doesn’t require any locksmith skills. Just head to your local locksmith Downtown Miami, show them a picture of your lock and ask for a polish spray for antique locks / a new layer of color.

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DIY locksmithing tips for antique locks repair:

Rust perhaps one of the biggest problems with antique locks. You can gently remove the lock, soak its parts in Vinegar for a few hours (check and see according to the materials for how long). Before you remove any part make sure you know how to put it all back together. After soaking in Vinegar, you must spray and clean each part and let it dry.

Lock’s not solid if you notice the lock is lose / you hear shaking inside when using it. Try to remove it (take a pic – so you know how & where everything should go back) and see what’s ‘cooking’ inside. If something’s broken you should head to your local locksmith downtown Miami, but if it’s only a loose part or two- you can replace them at a special locksmiths store for antique locks.

Internal mechanical problems rust / loose parts / nonfunctional parts. Sometimes all you need is a look inside your lock to spot the problem and get the whole lock effective and strong again.   

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