Easy ways to unlock a door without a key

Our locksmith technician installing a brand new door in a residential building in Miami FL

Hey it happens! We all lose our keys along the way… 

And you know, you absolutely positively know you have a spare waiting for you inside the only problem is, how to get in?

Any emergency locksmith services available around could easily get you home / wherever you need to get into, but sometimes- don’t you just want to know how to ‘break-in’ yourself? Don’t worry you can answer; we won’t tell a soul… 

Bouncing the lock:

Here’s a tricky one for you, and we put it in first as bouncing the lock and bumping it slightly is a method most Miami locksmiths know all too well. It’s a highly effective measure to unlocking a locks without a key- simply get a bump key (very easy to get- doesn’t work on cars) and insert it inside the lock, then use a screwdriver / hammer to generate pressure and push the bump key pins up inside the lock; try to start off lightly, adding pressure as you feel the bump key inside the lock until it opens. 

Drilling it out:

In case you’ve reached this point, you really best off calling an emergency locksmith services around. If you’re reading this where no locksmith service can assist you at moment make sure you know – drilling a lock will properly open it in a matter of minutes, but it will cause damages to your door and eliminate the lock from ever being useful again.

Ready? get a drill & screwdriver and make sure you drill just above the lock, separating the driver pins while holding the lock in place. Then use the screwdriver to rotate the plug and your lock is open. Make sure you contact a local locksmith service or even an emergency locksmith service ASAP as you are property’s now exposed.

Other outdated methods:

We could sell you with the old credit card / using hair pins to pick the lock- but that mostly works in movies. Good thing is – no matter how long you spend trying to pick your own lock open (unless it’s fairly old- over 15 years old… in that case- go for it!) or shove a credit card in there, you won’t cause any severe damages to your door and locks. However, you should probably be aware that most modern locks are very strong resilient mechanism, it’s not easily to open them with little familiarity & experience.

So tip of the day – if you know what you’re doing with heavy machinery try to do it yourself as described here, and if locksmith isn’t your top attribute you can call a locksmith services to help out.

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