How to Burglar Proof Doors

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Usually after experiencing a break-in, the first though that pops into your head is – how? We all know why… but how does a burglar choose which property to break into and how they do it is often a mystery. Quickly Locksmith in Miami is here to shed some light on the matter- how burglars do it? And how could you stay one step ahead and prevent common burglary tactics when talking about proof doors. as most Miami locksmiths will tell you first hand- understanding the weakness is predicting the solution.

Massive attack

One thing you have to remember, when it comes to sophisticated home burglars- they know your neighborhood. Looking for a locksmith near my location is the best fix as most local locksmiths in Miami knows the neighborhood as well, and the common burglaries methods; knocking the door down with intense strength might work if your door is made out of wood (that can be easily broken by metal) or any other weak materials…. Our recommendation – search for a locksmith near my location and ask to speak to your local locksmith to ask how many burglaries recently in your area destroyed the door in order to break in- there’s your answer right there! The truth is 90% of burglars would rather avoid metal doors as breaking them makes a lot of noise.

Prevent direct door access

Locksmith in Miami all know too well that the harder it is to directly access a door – the harder it would be to break in the property behind it. Any generic search for a locksmith near my location will give Miami Locksmith leading results, ask your local locksmith what are the best ways to prevent direct access (perhaps another lock on your gates / security camera placed in visible sight). Almost any Locksmith in Miami can give you a raw assessment as to what may work best in your property – you want security measurement that serves your needs! 

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