How to evaluate the Safe you’re buying?

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When security & locks are concerned – big brands mean long lasting products in cost worthy prices, without these two going hand in hand to match each and every product a manufacturer releases, a brand simply won’t last too long in this competitive global market. Most locksmiths in Miami will tell you first hands- cheap safes (purchased in big shopping stores online / general department stores etc.) are very easy to break, in most cases a burglar won’t even have to ‘break-in’. 

Quickly Locksmith Miami offers safes locksmith service for residential & commercial purposes, and here’s our expert tips to take under consideration when purchasing a safe.

What’s its designated purpose?

Two things you should decide right of the bat: 

  1. What’s inside the safe (+-) B. Its location (visible / hidden); 

any locksmith downtown Miami could look at any location you chose and clarify the pros & cons- let’s try to do so online… 

when a safe is visible you must have a strong, reliable brand as anyone accessing your home / office is now aware of it. A strong safe is one with a tight space between the safe’s door to its body, as this space is the first leverage any burglar immediately spots as an opportunity to tare the safe open. Another thing most locksmiths in Miami will tell you to watch for is the safe’s welding method; to put it simply, if you spot a welding overlap (lines / big dots of metal) so does the one looking to open your safe- because that’s an indication for cheap manufactured, easy to break open safes.

Home / office safe:

Most locksmiths in Miami will ask first – how many people should & can access a certain safe? Our recommendation, If more than one person should have access, make sure you take 3 key security measurements: 1. Tighten the safe to a secures wall 2. Purchase a reliable, strong digital lock (with automated locking mechanism) 3. Make sure the safe remains out of sight.

Of course in about 60% of the cases when purchasing a home safe you nearly want some stuff safely away, probably don’t need all the drama of securing it and monitoring its access- but just in case you’re still wondering – Quickly Locksmith Miami is here to offer our leading safes brands and for any further questions you might have, we also offer safes locksmith services 24/7.

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