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How to get a new car key made without the original?

Unlocking locked car in Miami FL using locksmiths Technics for opening the car safely

First thing’s first – don’t worry! Miami locksmiths services would be able to help out a lot quicker then you’re car dealership; the miss perception that to get the job done professionally one should head to the same car dealership one purchased the car is simply wrong!

What we need to make a spare key without the original:

Miami locksmiths are here to help! Just make sure you bring along the following:

  1. License and registration num.
  2. Model and manufacture of the vehicle.
  3. Any personal identification.

And… that’s that! You have a new key that same day.

Emergency auto locksmith services:

In case you’ve lost your car keys and you’re not quite sure if they’re stolen / lost- you rather call on of Miami locksmiths services, and here’s why:

  • A professional locksmith could make a spare key without the original that very same day, the cost depends on the type of key- but essentially it’s a lot cheaper than anything they might offer you in any car dealership.
  • Miami locksmiths services can make a spare key without using the original for all types of cars– motorcycle and motorbike / caravan / truck / van / motor scooter.
  • An emergency locksmith service will come to your exact location, you don’t have to do a thing accept picking up the phone and dial, in fact, let’s make it easier – Contact Us Here! Just call Quickly Locksmith and we’ll be there in 15 min to help with any emergency.

happy client after unlocking his car and replacing his car keys in Miami FL

A word of advice:

Losing a car key is never a day of fun in the sun, so to speak, but it doesn’t have to suck! Stay calm and make sure your attempts to ‘break-in’ won’t hurt the vehicle. The most important thing here it to plan ahead:

If you know the key is lost forever (at the beach / fall into water / lost in a far away location outside your city) all you need to do is simply call a locksmith service.

However, if you don’t know where your car key is- it might be in the wrong hands. Tell your locksmith to make a new one and make the old one obsolete, it might cost an extra dollar or two- but your peace of mind is worth it.

Oh… and… maybe this time- make a spare?

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