The important role of digital security

During the last decade you can spot a massive rise in extra security based on personalized entrance; it’s the leading modern gateway to any local folders available online, it’s the only way to accesses an office building, and it has become the best way to manage multiple accesses for a varied number of people. Digital doors and locks are the way of the future, that’s not to say they’re there to replace the old lock on the door, but they can protect you from a whole different aspect.

Knowledge is power:

How many visitors accesses your property daily?

How about each week?

How many of your employees currently have access to all offices in your business?

Do you enjoy absolute control on your property when you’re away?

And how about when you’re right there, but busy?

Once you’ve installed a digital door / lock the answers to all these questions is not only at top of your fingers, it’s your call! Like most digital solutions there to protect information, digital locks and digital doors are easy to operate, install and manage. Digital security offers protection like no other lock in terms of knowledge- you know who has access & where to, you could tell who showed up to work today and even get a e-mail print of all your employees attendance. I could keep going but I think you get the message – once you have digital security you control every room in your property and further more, you know what’s going on under your roof.

Different types of digital locks and doors:

The digital lock could start as simple replacement to your building’s security guard as a coded entry lock- also known as keypad lock (even though it probably wont say ‘good morning’ when you pass by) and up to radio frequency identification that can restrict entrance to each room without having to take the key (card) out of your wallet; The transmitter identifies who is standing at the entrance and open the door automatically. There are also Bluetooth systems that operate the same way but via phone and of course there is the top restricted digital locks- bio-metric digital locks, that identify the person via his own body (finger print, eyes). Each system serves different security requirements but they all share one quality- each room in your property is now secured, and the minute that security is breached- you know about it, you could even manage the whole thing online (using extra security of course / assisting cameras etc.).

Sounds complicated? Fear not for we are here to help out, contact us.


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