Types of Door Locks Commonly Used in Residential Properties

For Miami locksmith this is where we all start- the single lock protecting a home, keeping its owners safe. That’s what a locksmith service does to greet the sun hello, and the work keeps going when it sets- no doubt. 

Selecting the right lock for your home is a task you shouldn’t take lightly; first, it must fit your door perfectly (in terms of weight & size), then you should also take under consideration – what else is there to provide extra security (if the locks stands on its own is should be a very strong one with a trigger mechanism locking it when sensing danger). 

Here are a few commonly used locks by Miami residential locksmiths.

Innovative electronic locks:

Not to be confused with smart locks who require wireless communication to activate, when referring to electronic locks we’re talking about all locks that requires the use of an additional electronic component to open. Residential locksmiths often offer a wide range of these locks as they offer the safety of a deadbolt as well as cylinder lever locks, while utilizing home access for kids (who tends to lose/ misplace their keys) and still maintaining a firm unified one lock with the master lock.

Deadbolts, Cylinder lever locks & door knob locks:

These are the top three all-stars for Miami residential locksmiths; the deadbolts are best to protect your home exteriorly, all the leading locks manufacturers still produce new, solid, cost worthy versions of deadbolts just because it’s a whining lock that keeps growing stronger with time. If you’re wondering about a deadbolt for your home, we’d recommended you seek the advice of a residential locksmith working in your neighborhood, don’t try to DIY.

Door knob locks might sound a ted vintage but they work great within the home space, interior doors, they might be less effective protecting exterior doors as the weather might impact & damage the exposed lock easily.

For further info regarding residential locks and home locksmith services you’re more than welcomed to come visit our local locksmith stores.

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