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Why a certified locksmith is better for me?

There’s an old adage ”Do it cheap, pay for it twice”, it’s particularly relevant in the locksmith industry when a $50 locksmith seems like a great deal.

Unqualified and uncertified contractors often do more damage than good. We regularly receive calls from clients who opted for the super cheap deal only to find they suffered from:

  • Poor workmanship – locks damage further, door damage and more
  • Inability to complete the job when they eventually arrive
  • Demands for extra fees when they arrive at your home, car or premises
  • No show! Leaving your vulnerable and compromised

There are many more examples we can provide but you’ll get the message we’re sure.

Price and value are two completely different things. All of our locksmiths are fully trained, fully certified and all work they complete comes with our guarantee and full manufacturer warranty where appropriate.

It’s important to note that when locks are installed by unqualified contractors, it can often invalidate the warranty from the manufacturer. Something to bear in mind as you may have to purchase it twice and pay again for installation if it’s installed badly.

For true value for money and peace of mind, choose Quickly Locksmith, your local Miami certified locksmith specialists with over 10 years of experience.

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