Locked Out of Your Steamer Trunk? How to Open Antique Trunks?

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Antique trucks are a unique vehicle, that takes unique up keeping as you probably know by now… when locked out of your steamer trunk you really shouldn’t call any locksmith available – but make sure you call a certified locksmith service that knows how to handle antique locks. 

Miami’s local locksmith service is here to help- Quickly Locksmith, here’s our tips, 

and if you’re still locked out- don’t hesitate, call Miami locksmith for the rescue!

Which Antique lock are we dealing with?

First thing we should check when trying to ‘break-in’ to your steamer trunk is which lock are you currently using.

Pin Tumbler locks – not really used for genuine antique trunks, but more for the modern versions trying to embrace the antique appearance of steamer trunks. It’s very easy to identify Pin tumbler locks, simply use a flashlight and glance inside the keyhole to spot the pins. Now… to open this lock you really need to know how to pick a lock – if you don’t have any real experience, this would be the time to call a certified locksmith. 

But, if you know your way around a few locks all you need here is a tension wrench.

Warded locks: 

old, ancient, strong- but lucky for you, also very easy to break- in to! If wondering about your lock- to check if it’s a Warded lock you simply look inside the keyhole as they are usually wide open and you can see inside.

When opening this kind of locks you head straight for the locking mechanism and use Skelton keys, make sure they’re almost all the way in with just a little bit hanging out, that way you could twist them and open your lock. Any local locksmith service around could help out with a set of Skelton keys, and if you can’t find help and don’t have access to Skelton keys call a certified Miami locksmith to come help out in no time.            

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