Why won't your key turn inside its lock?

Most residential commonly used keys, as well as car keys, has this weird tendency to jam when we least expect them to. You’re not alone! The most important locksmith tip to remember here is – when a key won’t turn inside its lock, stay calm, take all this frustration and schedule delays and put them on mute for now- as you must be gentle with a shy key…

Why my car key won’t turn?

When your car key is stuck inside the lock and won’t turn there are 2 common options; either you didn’t enter it the right way. In that case, the solution is quite simple- just try to gently pull your key outside, shake it from side to side adding a little bump so it comes out without damaging the lock / keys’ shape. And if that’s not the case, other option is- you’re probably experiencing some kind of automated security mechanism, wired to the steering wheel- try working the two together for about 30 sec to manually unlock it (most times it’s a false response that untangles easily). If you can’t turn the key / the steering wheel the reason must be your car security system- reboot, and try after 10-15min.

When my home key won’t turn?

With most smart locks, its highly rare for a key to get stuck… But! if you happened to place the key wrong, or accidentally switched sides, placing the wrong side inside the lock, some smart locks identify this action as ‘dangerous’ and activate automated locking mechanism. The good thing is, all you have to do in this case is sit tight and wait, the key will come out easily in 3 to 5 minutes when the automated locking mechanism reboots.

Old school key lock jams:

One word- rust! The first thing you do to get a rusty key (or a rusty lock for that case) out is spray it with a good material inside to dissolve the mold / rust and can the metal back to good shape. Now that might be a good fix for a day or two- but the lock is damaged and you know now it can be easily dismantled- so you might want to check with your local locksmith company, what’s the safest option going forward? 


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